blue_planet.jpgWelcome to Rochester Community Schools AP World History Wiki. This site is designed to force to students to collaborate in their preparation for the AP World History Exam in May 2011. The end goal for this wiki project is to produce a final study guide that summarizes all of the historical content that is to be learned during the AP World History journey. To accomplish this task students will develop several other relevant skills that pertain to online collaboration, team work, writing, research, oranizing, digital production and citing resources.

Class Bios:

Mr. Compton
An AP World History teacher at Rochester Community Schools. He manages this site with his small army of co-authors that compose Rochester School's AP History class. On his spare time Compton likes to cook, read books, watch Spartan football and take long walks on the beach.

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Mrs. Herderich -- Para-educator, Stoney Creek High School
A graduate of Michigan State University(long before you were born!) Worked for Michigan State for 14 years before moving to Los Angeles, CA. Moved back to Michigan to be closer to family, has worked for Rochester Community Schools for 5 years. I have been in the Distance Learning program since its inception and love my job! Married, two girls, one a graduate of Albion College and one a sophomore at MSU. Go State!

Samus Aran and Solid Snake

Naomi McKinney
A student at Stoney Creek High School. She enjoys social studies classes, particularly History. Not too big on sports, she prefers playing video games and watching anime.

Austin Bailey
A student at SCHS. He enjoys history, particularly world war two. He also enjoys destroying his enemies with numerous and copious amounts of infantry waves and raining artillery from the heavens. he does small amounts of reenacting as well as is an avid online gamer. His hobbies include building models, wargaming, reading, gaming, and eating.

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Nate Duff
Student at Rochester High. I like history and I want to be a history teacher. My life revolves around lacrosse.

Renee Wiwel
I am a student at Stoney Creek High School. Math and science are my favorite subjects so taking AP World History will be an interesting experience for me. At Stoney, I play varsity softball and I'm a member of French club, French NHS, and NHS. In my spare time I like to read and watch college football, particularly University of Michigan football.
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Jason Bull A Senior at Stoney Creek High School who runs on the cross country team and throws on the field team. He passes his time by playing guitar and listening to music. He finds history related classes to be some of the only classes he is actually interested in. He plans on attending MSU, if he is accepted.

Steven McConnell
I am a senior at Rochester High School and I like to pass my time by listening to music, hanging with friends, and playing sports. I work at Dillman and Upton lumber yard so I could be considered a lumberjack; however, I rarely call myself one. I am looking forward to get to know some of the Stoney kids.

Michael Kmiec
I am a senior at Rochester High School. I play football and that consumes most of my time. I umpire Little League baseball. I am a Michigan State fan. My motto about music is "Cudi or silence." On a side note, some people call me MK large.

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Ryan Jose
I am a senior at Rochester High School. I like to eat, sleep, and hang out. Im a wrestler at Rochester, I also played soccer and football. I like history. I have taken/taking 3 AP Social Studies courses, but I want to do something healthcare. Looking forward to meeting Stoney kids.

Jamie Lushka
I am a Senior at Stoney Creek High School. I play hockey all year round and it takes up most of my time. I love college football and NASCAR. History has always been one of my favorite subjects but I hope to be an Athletic Trainer in the future and attend MSU if I get accepted.

Jessica Brewer
I'm a senior at Stoney Creek High School. I play soccer and piano, run cross country, and participate in youth group stuff. History has always interested me, and I just want to learn more. I plan on getting a degree in Global Studies somewhere, joining the Peace Corps, and working for an NGO aid organizaiton overseas. Lady Gaga.

Juli Halacoglu
I am a senior at Stoney Creek High School. I've always thought history was interesting, and I'm excited to learn more. I like listening to music and watching movies. I hope to attend Grand Valley for undergrad, then possibly attend a medical school.

Danielle Cummings
I'm a senior at Stoney Creek. I work in downtown rochester. I like a lot of things, but smoothies and Taylor Swift are probably at the top of the list. I'm pretty indecisive about the future, but as of right now i'm hoping to either become a PA or do something else in the medical field.

Hannah Lee
I would say that I'm a senior but we're all seniors anyways.I don't have my ears pierced and I have a crush on Brad Pitt. I like history a lot because I like the way it affects its surroundings through relation. I find it interesting that each factor in history alters the world. The concept of "this wouldn't of happened if it weren't for this", so on and so forth.My role model is Tore-rul Tarantino C.J. Allen.

Stefan Rowland a student at Rochester High School. He enjoys history classes the most, and in his spare time plays varsity lacrosse and drums. He plans to attend MSU if accepted. Go Spartans!

Michaela Kastura

Hey :) I am Michaela and I am a senior at RHS. In my free time I golf, race sail boats and play soccer. I work at Great Lakes Golf Center (aka the big dome by Great Lakes Crossing) and I teach little kids how to golf. My favorite color is orange because it is a happy color! I am not a huge fan of negative people. I love history, always have and always will. When I am older I want to go into athletic training and physical therapy.

Matt Brady
I'm a senior at RHS. In my free time I like to take long naps. Soccer takes up most of my time but in what time i do have left I go to taco bell. I have always had an intrest in history but mainly the really old stuff. In hope to attend MSU next year or UofM if i get accepted to study computer sciences. and taylor swift is amazing.

Reid Dickson
Senior at Stoney Creek. In my free time I enjoy sleeping, watching TV, playing video games, and seeing friends. I like social studies classes in general, particularly government and history. I want to get a job where I travel a lot, whichever job that may be.

Katherine Landis
I'm a senior at Stoney Creek. I work at Goodison Vet Clinic and Nikolic Meadows in my spare time. When i am not working or at school I like to ride my horse, run, read and sleep :) I love History! All my jobs are working with animals but I would really like to be either a Lawyer or a History Professor because I couldn't teach high school :) I hope to attend either MSU or Hillsdale next year.

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Megan Ludwig
I'm a senior at Rochester High School. I am captain of the varsity swim team here and swimming is basically my life. When I'm not swimming I am usually with friends. I also ski a lot in the winter, but just for fun. I also lifeguard at RCE. I love history and want to be a history teacher when I am old and gray.

Emily Moffitt
Hi!!! I'm Emily and I'm a senior at RHS. I'm on a couple of different swim teams, including rochester's, and that takes up most of my time. Along with swimming i love country music, hanging out with my friends, reading and riding rollercoasters. I took this class because i love history and how you can never run out of things to learn about. I hope to go to college somewhere in Chicago and study either pediatric nursing or creative writing. :)

Andrew Turnbull
Hi, my name is Andrew and I am a senior at Stoney Creek High. I enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and lacrosse. I also like hanging out with my friends and playing video games in my spare time. Social Studies is probably the best and my favorite subject. I just find it more interesting to study people and events rather than the molar ratio of a chemical formula.


Jameson Joyce
I'm pretty much Mr. Compton's favorite student and for good reason. I'm extremely good looking and happen to be good at everything I do. I happen to run my own international corporation with brought in a fair profit this past quarter. Ladies, I warn you to be careful. I've been known to break many a'heart. In order to maitain honesty and modesty I'll have to refrain from letting this auto-biography drag on much longer. I try to be approachable, whether it be professional, casual, or...well the last one isn't quite school appropriate but I've yet to revieve a complaint if you know what I mean. If any interests have been piqued feel free to contact me 248-210-1095, That's my life in a nutshell, I look forward to working with all of you.